Praca Senior Security Researcher

minervaFirma Minerva z Izraela poszukuje kandydatów na stanowisko Senior Security Researchera. Z opisu wynika, że praca jest w Izraelu. Opis ze strony:


We are looking for an expert security researcher to join our growing team.

The scope of responsibility for this role includes:

  • Research and extend our product vision and implementation
  • Analysis of malware, exploits and vulnerabilities
  • Maintain and improve existing coverage of lab automation and simulation
  • Respond to malware based security events at customers environments.


  • BSc in Computer science or relevant army unit or proven industry experience
  • Experience in reverse engineering and malware analysis
  • Experience with C/C++ and Windows API
  • Deep understanding of inner-workings of operating systems
  • Experience with disassembly, debugging tools and unpacking
  • Good understanding of Assembly x86/x64, Intel Architecture and corresponding instruction formats.
  • Development experience in scripting languages such as Python.
  • Knowledge in Security and Anti Malware technologies
  • Knowledge of enterprise level security products and implementation
  • Visionary and creative, strong problem solving, troubleshooting and analysis skills
  • Experience working in fast-paced development environments
  • Advanced written and verbal communication skills.

Send your CV to [email protected] and you’ll be one step closer to being part of our team!of our team!

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gdzie w Izraelu ?! zwariowales chcesz na na mine posadzic ! doslownie i w przenosni.
A ile placa wogule ?


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